Encore BPO Energy services

Encore BPO is registered with Energy service providers in United kingdom covering commercial users, almost every type of meters. They all vale and respect Encore BPO efforts to bring them closer to their customer and give them added value service, that’s why lucrative payouts are given on every successful case.

Energy Payouts

Encore BPO emphasis on rewarding all those that it works with, so partnership / trust are very important and those who work hard must be credited morally and financially. As consumption of customer goes higher payouts rises. Sample Pay outs of E.on are given at the end of proposal.

Customer service

Full before and after sale services are provided to customer, like guidance on every step of switch over, customers are also entertained through appointments settings, full black and white documents are provided before and after sales.

Encore BPO Terms & Conditions

Encore BPO will provide all relevant terms and conditions depending on business / projects which project is agreed upon.