Encore BPO Textile services


Encore BPO Ltd. also providing exclusive quality inspection services on required quality standard on most competitive prize for the customers who place their orders directly to the manufacturing factories in Pakistan. As foreign trade has some risks. It's possible that real shipment may be different from the order placed in terms of specification of goods, quantity of goods, quality level, packaging details, etc. Encore BPO. Inspection services at different stages of production, provide first hand knowledge to customers about their order quality and make them safe from facing the faulty shipment at his home with the above discrepancies and client can also remotely control his suppliers in unfair territories with our services because we can judge better his local supplier with our local professionals and in results clients can get their ordered product as per their needs. We provide yarns inspection, greige and processed fabric inspection, home textile products inspection, apparel garments inspection services at different stages of production through professional excellence and uncompromising dedication to our client’s requirements in order to eliminate the risks of defective products delivery. We are committed to provide professional inspection and assessment services to the client. Our auditors are well trained to evaluate product quality equality to the international level by using different methods of product assessment like AQL and 4 points grading system. Encore BPO increasing its recognition/identification day by day due to its reliable inspection services and overseas multinational inspection companies also like to avail its reliable textile inspection services from Pakistan. We can inspect the fabric, home textile product, garments on American 4 points grading system/AQL system or as per customer agreed standard and specifications.

Our aim is to obtain and maintain high satisfaction level of our valuable clients. We can carry out inspection through out Pakistan within the shortest period of notification and provide the inspection results very next day of inspection.

Our inspection services at multiple/different stages of production will assure/ helpful you to know, identify, and give preventive and corrective action to reduce and eliminate the problems prior to shipment. Inspection services are available for all stages and can be incorporated as per clients needs.

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